Paul Ford

Director of Finance, U.S.A

Paul's Perfetti Experience Unwrapped

Paul Ford

I am more than just a numbers guy. At Perfetti I'm given the opportunity to work on project teams spanning innovation, marketing, system implementation, customer and broker negotiations, new products, and of course finance. I have freedom to apply my skills and talents where they will make the most impact. All around me are colleagues stretching their capabilities and making valuable contributions to their teams. We are excited and motivated. 

I've never been happier and have never worked for a better company.

This happiness is part of what empowers me to strive to deliver my best work in everything I do and every action I take. Perfetti is a family-owned business that takes a long-term view of all products and processes. Because they are not  locked into a short term, short sighted view they are able to act responsibly and do what is right for both the company and their employees. This longer range vision made an enormous difference in my professional growth. My professional development at Perfetti focuses not only on what will benefit me today, but also on my future potential and what my job may be two or three years from now. In addition to skill enhancement and training, I have a personal coach and mentor who works with me to develop my management and leadership skills. I am empowered to explore, to seek opportunities to grow and learn, and to engage fully in teams inside and outside of Finance. These opportunities are challenging and take me out of my comfort zone so that I stretch and continuously grow. Perfetti is a collaborative learning organization where I am respected and given the freedom to explore and continuously learn. Our managers always ask, "What do you need?" and "Do you have what you need to be successful?"

Because of this trust and respect I am able to push my personal and professional boundaries in creative problem resolution and exploring my potential. Perfetti is packed with very curious people. In every department and across the world, curiosity, creativity, and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do. I work in an environment of perpetual improvement from our brands and products to our business practices, manufacturing techniques, advertising, and simple work-flow procedures. Our global collaboration and joint team training brings me new perspectives, cultural understanding, and diverse approaches to any problem. Open discourse and communication has built lasting relationships with colleagues and management. What I like most about Perfetti is that in the middle of all this innovation and improvement, we're having a lot of fun!                           

It's fun and energizing to recognize what our products "mean" to our consumers. Our products connect with people, and through my work I feel like I celebrate with them. I work in a very fast-paced and dynamic environment that could be incredibly stressful, but I don't take myself too seriously. Sure, there are moments of stress, hard work, and long hours, but there are more memorable moments of laughter and sharing with friends, eating treats, and the realization that I work for a great candy company where everybody smiles.

I am motivated to make a difference to my team and to Perfetti. I view my work as helping my colleagues, moving projects forward, and helping to build a stronger business. We are doing our jobs well together when we help keep our factories open and expand employment opportunities. I take great satisfaction when my team and I exceed our expectations. I am passionate about helping my team and colleagues to become the best versions of themselves, to be recognized for their efforts, and rewarded for their achievements. At Perfetti, we're celebrated and rewarded not only for our achievements, but also for our integrity, curiosity, and perseverance. One year, a manager was brought forward during a company-wide meeting and received an award for an initiative of his that had failed! He was rewarded not for the failure, but for how he handled the failure with a positive attitude and his courage to try something totally new. My colleagues are genuinely interested and accepting of me without judgment. We talk openly about our projects, work problems, and about our personal lives and families. I feel everyone cares about me. This culture of acceptance and kindness makes Perfetti the happiest place I've ever been.

Inside the Wrapper

My favorite Perfetti Candy: Airhead's soft-filled bites.

The whole candy is just wonderful. Satisfies my sweet cravings!

If I were a Perfetti candy I would be: An Airhead Bar.

It's playful, and each flavor is recognizably unique.... That's me!

Something that my co-workers don’t know about me:

First I had six different majors in college before I settled on finance, second I love to read and my favorite author and series is Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth, and third I have climbed several mountains, jumped out of a plane and hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.