Adriana Gonzalez

Brand Manager Iberian Peninsula, Spain/Portugal

Adriana's Perfetti Experience Unwrapped

Adriana Gonzalez

My passion is to bring people happiness. The thing I like most about working with Perfetti is our shared commitment to "Make people's lives Sweeter!" As a marketing manager for the Iberian Peninsula, I love working with iconic and fun brands and products that have sweetened my life since my first Chupa Chups when I was a little girl.

Perfetti inspires me to achieve more. The dynamic, fast-paced, challenging and rewarding environment of Perfetti combined with their wonderful well-known and respected brands first attracted me to work at Perfetti. In marketing, there are no two days that look the same and boredom is not even a possibility. I frequently face new challenges and have learned to juggle multiple tasks and projects. At Perfetti, I am empowered and given the freedom to take on complex problems and projects and am respected for my ideas and my creative solutions. Throughout every activity and project, I depend and count on the support of my manager and teammates. In addition, open and willing colleagues across the world are only a phone call away when I need help. I am given a great deal of independence in my daily work and I know I can rely on my manager and teammates for expertise, advise, and inspiration. One of the nicest and sweetest part of working for Perfetti is the recognition I am given for the work I do from my manager, teammates, and corporate. I can honestly say that I love my job.

At Perfetti, creation and innovation is fundamental to our business and curiosity is at the core of everyone here. I use my curious nature to look anew at analytic data and to explore new ways of marketing our products. My curiosity drives me learn new things, seek improved and better procedures and processes, and to look to the future. Perfetti's long-range vision rather than short-term expectations allow me to explore and develop transformative ideas freely. My managers support and encourage me to bring forth new ideas and offer opinions even when it impacts an area outside of my job function. I am always recognized for my creative efforts, even when they are small process or workflow improvements. As a team we often brainstorm creative and innovative ideas both formally and informally. This open and continuous dialogue with my teammates and with people in other departments or other continents brings a highly diverse set of experiences, cultures, and thinking into our conversation. Every day I'm experiencing innovation and transformation; it's so much fun!

In addition to my teammates, I greatly enjoy my connections and interactions with my Perfetti colleagues across the world. Understanding how different cultures view, use, and relate to our products and brands is important in marketing and in developing new products or flavors. We share ideas, collaborate on solving problems, and help each other experience our diverse world. When face with a question or a challenge, I have the whole Perfetti world of experts willing and excited to help me. In addition to long-distance collaboration, I'm able to meet and connect with my international colleagues face-to-face in group training programs and company-wide conferences. The most fun part of belonging to a global family is discovering our cultural connections through Perfetti confections. Our world-wide passion for sweets combines so many different flavors into one united package.

When I first came to Perfetti, I was surprised to find a family-like culture of fun, happy, and welcoming people. We have a tradition here that whenever a new person joins our group, after the first full day of company-directed on-boarding, our whole team goes out to dinner together. This dinner allows us to personally get to know our new colleague and affirm that everyone is accepted as their true selves inside and outside of work. We also give him/her a small silly gift to take home to remember the first day at Perfetti and how sweet it is to work here. Our collaborative and team-oriented culture shares

a passion for our work which motives and energizes me. I feel respected and accepted everywhere at Perfetti. I love our Perfetti products, and I truly like my amazing fun and happy colleagues. It is easy to make friends, motivate and inspire each other, work hard together, and have fun.

Inside the Wrapper

My favorite Perfetti Candy: Smint Berry Flavor.

Smint was the first Perfetti brand I worked with and every I taste a Smint I am reminded of all all the fun and excitement I have at work.

If I were a Perfetti candy I would be: Mentos Fruit Flavor

Mentos is all about sharing, fun, and being with friends and family and that's what I am too.

Something about me that would surprise my colleagues:

Since I was 6 years old, I wanted to study law. It was only about 3 months before I started college that I realized my passion for business and marketing.