Donato Santorsa

Engineering Manager, Italy

Donato's Perfetti Experience Unwrapped

Donato Santorsa

The distance from my parent's home to my first day at Perfetti, Italy was 15km. By the end of the month my new home was 10'000km away in Viet Nam. I was a newlywed in Shanghai, China, had my first child in Jakarta, Indonesia, and my second child in Breda, Netherlands.

On that first day, I never imagined that during the next 8 years I would have the far-reaching opportunities to live, work, and play in so many wonderful countries. My Italian family tease me and say that I am a bit Asian, a bit Indonesian, and am getting more Dutch every day. I have not only grown professionally during my years at Perfetti, I have grown personally and been enriched by the multiple cultures and people I have lived with and become friends with.

My globe-trotting career as a mechanical engineer has been very exciting, challenging, and fun. Within one month of starting to work for Perfetti, I had the opportunity to relocate to Viet Nam. I was given a great deal of responsibility almost immediately. I had the freedom to act decisively, make real contributions, and have a positive impact in our local organization. Although I sometimes felt I was empowered and trusted a bit more than I thought I was ready for, I could always depend on my manager and teammates to be supportive and helpful. At Perfetti, I have not only discovered what I am capable of achieving, but I have also exceeded all my expectations of my potential. The best part of my career journey is that I'm having so much fun along the way.

At Perfetti, we're constantly innovating and creating. From the brands and products we make to our production facilities and processes we are in constant and dynamic state of innovation. I actively collaborate with the other departments. Together we brainstorm, formulate ideas and plans, and work collectively to implement change. As I get ready for work each morning, I am excited about upon the multiple challenges and opportunities I will have that day. I am motivated to make a positive difference to my teams and my projects.

The three words I believe best describe what it is like to work for Perfetti are: Flexibility, Family-Owned, and Fun. 

  1. Flexibility to move, change, grow, learn, and transform yourself
  2. Family-Owned provides a strong foundation where we learn from our roots, honor our history, and look forward to where we want to be.
  3. Fun --- We work for a confectionery company.... Even the air is sweet!

Perfetti encourages me to be exactly who I am, no matter where I am in the world. I can be myself and let others know the real me because I know I am accepted and respected. Even in a distant country and unfamiliar culture, I can express my individuality. When I was in Shanghai, I treasured a twenty-minute coffee break with my fellow Italian colleagues. Thousands of kilometers away from our homes, we were able to spend time socializing, talking in our native language, and sharing our Italian customs. I realized that no matter where I am in the world, I can be exactly who I am, be enriched by diversity, and be transformed through acceptance. The best advice I ever received many years ago, was to be myself, show who I really am, and to let others get to know me. I live my life based on that advice and add my own flavor of respect and openness to others who reveal themselves to me. 

Inside the Wrapper

My favorite Perfetti Candy: Alpenliebe Éclair.

I love this candy because I stood there when they first came off the production line. I had worked for months to experience that day. The first bite of candy, from that first production was pure magic.

The one thing that would surprise my colleagues: I love to play football (soccer), but I really dislike watching the games on TV.