Mayank Pandey

Associate Director Sales Development, India

Mayank's Perfetti Experience Unwrapped

Mayank Pandey

I sell happiness.

As the Branch Sales Head for Perfetti India I sell products that make people happy and bring smiles to their faces. What better job is there than one that makes people happy and smile?

My work is defined by the incredible brands of Perfetti because every product is made from the heart. When I tell people where I work and when they discover that we make Mentos, they say “I love Mentos!” and immediately tell me a story of how Mentos (or other Perfetti candy) made them smile or brought them happiness. The candies are a common language of laughs and smiles we share together. Experiences like this make every day fun, exciting, and engaging as I work with my clients to better understand their needs and desires.

I began my work career after college with a major pharmaceutical company that focused on plant-based medicine. At this job, I discovered that what I really wanted was to work in a fast-paced consumer based company where I could have direct interaction with my customers. After obtaining my MBA, I was given the opportunity to join Perfetti. Here I found the perfect company to work for. Not only do I have direct contact with my consumers, clients, and distributors, but I also feel good about the products we make; their high quality, superior taste, and a smile hidden in every candy. Working for Perfetti is like an Alpenliebe candy; the work is sweet, happy and fun, and my teams remind me of a family having good times and celebrations together.

From my very first day at Perfetti and over the next 10 years, I’ve been amazed by the level of freedom and respect I have in managing projects, making decisions, and innovating solutions. At first it was a very steep learning curve when I was given real challenges and responsibilities shortly after starting work. At a time when I had much to learn, my team, colleagues, and a supportive manager empowered me to study and grow. Today I continue to learn and excel through the guidance and mentoring of my own manager. I also have the opportunity to pass on this culture of support and encouragement as I , in turn, guide and mentor those who I manage.

An example of this culture and managerial support is when I was faced with a very difficult and challenging situation shortly after joining Perfetti. When I was facing a major failure, my manager shared one of his favorite mantras: Reward Success, Reward Failure, and Punish Inaction. This is not only a saying, but the way my manager and Perfetti view overcoming challenges. My manager helped me discover my own solutions through gentle and insightful suggestions, and he listened to my ideas and then empowered me to enact them. I learned to think creatively, trust my instincts, and act decisively. At Perfetti, I feel respected and don’t fear making mistakes as long as I am willing to learn and grow from them. 

One of Perfetti’s greatest strengths is the support and empowerment given to each employee. I experience this through my open and approachable managers. They listen and help me to discover my potential. Everyone focuses on a long-term view instead of becoming short-sighted and stagnant. A long view makes people more tolerant, patient, and open to new ideas. I have room to explore, be creative, and am given the independence to have real impact.

Three words of Perfetti

Three words that best describe what it is like to work for Perfetti are Fun, Work/Life Balance (contentment), and Meritocracy.

Fun: Not only do I enjoy the exciting Perfetti products and client interactions, I have fun every day with my team mates and colleagues. I have made life-long friends here. Everyone at Perfetti acts with kindness, openness, and friendliness. We work very hard and sometimes long hours, but we always have fun, smile, and laugh together. 

Work/Life Balance: I am surrounded by intelligent and passionate professionals driven to excel personally and professionally. They are not only dedicated to Perfetti’s mission, but are also devoted to their families. There is an attitude here that “family comes first”. I experienced this when my father suddenly died. Perfetti showed me compassion and real caring during this time. My manager told me “Family is always first,” and called me frequently to be sure I was doing well.  I was amazed and grateful for the exceptional level of support. At Perfetti we all work toward a shared corporate mission and the betterment of our Perfetti family as well as our personal families.

Meritocracy: I am excited to go to work every morning to see how I can help my managers and employees do the best work they can. At Perfetti, if you work hard, grow, and learn, you are rewarded and recognized. The best advice I ever received was “There is no substitute for hard work.” Over the years I recognize that “You can only work hard if you love what you are doing.”

At Perfetti it is easy to work hard, because I love what I do and am recognized for putting my heart into everything I do.

Inside the Wrapper

My favorite Perfetti candy: Mentos.

I love the flavors, the many colors and the cutting-edge flavor. I also really like the way Mentos feel in my mouth when I chew them.

If I were a Perfetti candy I'd be: An Orange Mentos

Orange Mentos are tangy and refreshing and make people happy. That's me.

Something that my co-workers don’t know about me: I love to farm. I have a small farm and spend my vacations growing plants.