Chupa Chups Launches Its First-Ever Experiential Store in Dubai

Experience unlimited fun and a whole lot of candy at the aweinspiring Chupa Chups Room located at the Mall of the Emirates

10 January 2021

Chupa Chups store in Dubai
On 12 January 2012, Chupa Chups revealed its first-ever store, located at the Mall of the Emirates. The interactive Chupa Chups Room houses an array of the tried-and-true brand favorites and new products alike, generating excitement among millennials and creating curiosity within mall visitors. The Chupa Chups Room features new themes and limited-edition products introduced every two weeks.

Futuristic and unique, the store is compact, yet equipped with the most advanced technology. It offers customers unlimited fun experiences for all occasions, whether it’s a birthday, where the right candy or goody bag can make it the party of the year, a simple outing with family, being a tourist in the city, or simply taking a nostalgic trip recalling good times and Chupa Chups. Unleash the desire to discover and head over to the UAE’s latest playground of fun.

Highlights from the store include cute and cuddly backpacks filled with lollipops, adorable mini lollipops stuffed in mini pouches for the little ones, the latest jelly candies that you can pick and pack yourself, artistic tins full of lollipops ideal for group gatherings, and birthday and seasonal hampers for festive gifting, whether for Easter and Eid. The store will also boast a range of exclusive Chupa Chups merchandise for parents to dress kids in their favorite brand from childhood.

Luca Parodi, Business Unit President, SAMEA & LATAM, of Chupa Chups’ maker Perfetti Van Melle comments, “We are thrilled to open the world’s first, one-of-a-kind Chupa Chups store in Dubai. When the idea of opening a retail store for the brand cropped up, our first choice was Dubai. The city is diverse and easily accessible from the rest of the world.
Moreover, Dubai has brilliantly managed the pandemic with little impact on retail. Aside from this, there is a significant and growing tourist footfall within the country and the Mall of the Emirates happens to be an obvious choice, as it is a shopping hotspot.”

Set to become one of the most loved stores in the UAE, the Chupa Chups Room is open daily from10 am to 12 midnight, seven days a week.

About Chupa Chups
Chupa Chups has been conquering the heart and taste of kids and teens since 1958 with a vibrant, forever fun appeal and unusual flavors. The brand has become world famous for its round lollipops in many flavors and the flower shaped logo designed by the famous artist Salvador Dalí in the late sixties. Today the Chupa Chups Lollipops are available in more than 108 countries and the brand now sells more than 100 flavors worldwide.