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Mustafa Uysal

Finance Manager

Serena Zaffaroni

Brand Manager

Sueli de Souza

Legal Affairs Supervisor

Fabrizio Bertone

Process & Technology Director


"An awesome place to grow personally and to grow the business!"

Q Tell us about your role A I’m responsible for exports to the Middle East and Africa, managing sales transactions and monitoring credit exposures, as well as the more traditional duties of accounting and reporting. We sell to 44 distributors in 36 countries, that’s approximately 1.3 billion potential consumers.

Q What’s the most rewarding part of your job? A The best part about working in Finance is that you are always part of every transaction. Monetary implications provide insight into everything that’s happening around you.

Q What major changes have you experienced? A Joining PVM! The company is very horizontal so you can make your mark. Also, as a result of working in relatively small teams, there are plenty of opportunities for self-development.

Q What do you find exciting in your job? A The opportunities to progress professionally. Last year was the first year for PVM Exports in the Middle East and Africa. There were some challenges but it was exciting to be in at the start of it.

Q What makes PVM different? A Respect – how PVM trusts and treats all its stakeholders, from employees and vendors/customers to legal authorities and society as a whole.

Mustafa Uysal

“Every day is different; it’s impossible to be bored!”

Q Tell us about your role A I’m in charge of two major brands: Vigorsol and Mentos. I develop new products with the R&D department and also manage existing ones, trying to find the best way to improve sales and grow the brand.

Q What is the most rewarding part of your job? A To follow a product from initial idea to final production and sale. I always feel very proud to see products I have worked on for many months in stores, and to follow their weekly performance and analyse their market data.

Q What innovations have impressed you? A The innovation that impressed me most at PVM was the introduction of sugar-free functional chewing gums. When this happened, I wasn’t at PVM yet, but from that moment onwards, chewing gum started to become part of my everyday life. Market research shows that our consumers see it as a huge revolution in our product category.

Q What do you reckon makes Perfetti Van Melle different? A For sure, its flexibility! It reacts and innovates very quickly and knows no fear when it comes to daring communication or off-the beat advertising.

Q Sum up Perfetti Van Melle in a sentence A A company that keeps its traditional and genuine values while evolving into something new and exciting.

Serena Zaffaroni

“PVM really cares about consumer satisfaction, its products and its employees.”

Q Tell us about your role A I am responsible for legal issues in general (management of all contracts, licences and permits, insurance, lawsuits in general, etc.).

Q How has your career at Perfetti Van Melle developed? A My first position was in Production. A few months later I moved to receptionist/phone operator and after a few more months I accepted the challenge to work in the HR department, where I worked for 15 years. In 2005, I started working in the Legal department, where I continue to work to this day.

Q What innovations have impressed you? A Our new products, packaging and advertising.

Q What do you find exciting in this sector? A It is very dynamic. I always have new challenges.

Q Sum up Perfetti Van Melle in a sentence A An ethical company with impressive brands and an open, trustworthy and performance-driven working culture.

Sueli de Souza

“PVM is full of pleasant surprises, you never know what will happen next”

Q What team do you belong to? A I belong to the Process & Technology team which is responsible for research and development, quality control, quality assurance and packaging development.

Q What is the most rewarding part of your job? A It’s difficult to say, there are so many. But developing both people and products, building a solid team and feeling like you’re part of a big family every working day is something rather special.

Q What do you find exciting in this sector? A FMCG and confectionery are part of our everyday life. From when we’re kids until we grow old, we’ll always enjoy a sweet moment or freshen our breath with a mint or piece of chewing gum. It is part of human culture so it’s really exciting to make my small contribution to all this with a new candy or chewing gum.

Q What innovations have impressed you? A The most impressive innovation is the spirit of the company itself, the energy which flows from top to bottom in every new project, trying to make everyone and everything a big success.

Q What do you reckon makes Perfetti Van Melle different? A The family passion behind a multinational company.

Fabrizio Bertone