Chewing gum with xylitol leads to fewer caries

13 October 2017

Xylitol Strohmenger

On 11th October in Milan, evidence was presented from a new scientific study conducted by the team of Professor Laura Strohmenger of the Università degli Studi di Milano and the Centro Collaborazione OMS.

The findings? Chewing a piece of gum containing even a low dosage of xylitol, five times a day, prevents the causes that lead to caries in adults. These results come as a comfort, as recent epidemiological data show an increase in disease in both children as well as adults. Xylitol, a vegetable-based ingredient found naturally in some fruits and vegetables, is able to significantly reduce the cariogenic bacteria, which leads to the formation of caries. The study shows that chewing gum with xylitol can prevent the appearance of cariogenic lesions by 30%, and that these preventative effects last even in the long run.

 Italian pastry chef Luca Fusto then presented an array of desserts and dishes that enhance the freshness of xylitol. "Through using xylitol, its fresh, inebriating sensation make it an ingredient that enhances other ingredients, as in the case of fruit, whereby it brings out its aromatic qualities. I also find the relationship between its sweetening power and low caloric intake very interesting, and the possibility to use it in ad hoc recipes for people who have intolerances”, said the pastry chef speaking of his gastronomic creations using xylitol.