A better way to say hello!

20 March 2017


Mentos is that exceptionally fresh, chewy mint found all over the world. So, wherever you go, one thing you can be sure of when you meet someone new is that they will love Mentos. If you have Mentos close to hand, you have a sure way to make an introduction.

Mentos Say Hello is a brand new candy that helps you establish a true connection! Simply offering candy is an invitation to do something together: each dragee bears a printed logo suggesting to do something together: getting a drink, going dancing, shaking hands, giving a high five, and many other fun activities! European consumers will enjoy 34 different logos and a set of 34 logos has been designed for our Asian consumers. Pick and share the most appropriate one and say hello! It is nice to be nice to people! 

Mentos Say Hello come in three different flavours Orange & Raspberry, Fruit and Mint, so see which one you like best!Say Hello