2013 BENELUX Corporate Social Responsibility Report

11 June 2014

2013 BENELUX Corporate Social Responsibility Report

PVM Benelux published its fourth CSR report - please click here to view: The report presents interesting news on targets achieved in 2013 and goals for 2014 in four key areas:

  • Responsible Trading
  • Employee & Society
  • Quality and health
  • Environment

A few facts, just to raise your curiosity and read the report:

  1. In 2013 the sustainability of over 110 suppliers was mapped
  2. In packaging centers  over 500 persons work via sheltered employment
  3. The total CO2-emission of Perfetti Van Melle BLX was 17,600 ton in 2013; a reduction relative to 2012, when the emission was 19,000 ton. This means a reduction of 7,5%, while the production volume declined with 2%. The saving equals the energy consumption of about 6.5 million car kilometers or the energy consumption of about 330 households
  4. In 2013 we bought 100% green energy for all the offices and factories in the Netherlands
  5. In the Breda factory in 2013 we managed to save 31,500-m3 of natural gas with our solar panels.  With this much natural gas you can heat 21 family homes.
  6. While expanding our offer of sugar free products, such as Klene sugar free liquorice, we also introduced the sugar replacing sweetener stevia in a number of new varieties we use. Although the total liquorice market in the Netherlands is stable, Klene sugar free liquorice keeps growing