caring for excellence - home - news - about - pvm at a glance - about - pvm in italy - about - pvm in the world - about - pvm in numbers - about - principles and strenghts - about - history - about - perfetti history - about - van melle history - about - chupa chups history - products - brands - products - how candies are produced - products - how chewing gum is produced - products - production ingredients - products - candies: keybenefits - products - gum: keybenefits - products - advertising - contact us - respect the environment: watch the video - powered by miller PRODUCTION INGREDIENTS Perfetti Van Melle takes great care in selecting the finest and highest quality raw materials for its chewing gum and candies. PVM is also very sensitive to all the nutritional aspects and keeps up-to-date on the new food styles and the close relation between foodstuff and human health.As a result, our products match taste and pleasure with health and well being needs thanks to technologically advanced ingredients. The following are the key ingredients of our products: SUGAR AND SWEETENERS GUM BASE FLAVOURS COLORS ACACIA GUM