The most authentic milk candy

16 December 2014


What does an authentic milk candy taste like?  The new Alpenliebe ZHICHUN (ZHICHUN means “most authentic” in Chinese)  milk candy will set the new taste standard!

In November 2014 PVM China launched this new candy, just perfect for milk candy lovers.
The new Alpenliebe contains diary ingredients 100% sourced oversea  to best preserve the authentic dairy note from milk: fresh sweetness, fine smoothness & rich dairy aroma.

PVM China offers  2 chewy skus:  a 47-gram roll as well as a 118-gram bag. By word of mouth the new launch is set to be the  “best-ever milk candy”.   Try out Alpenliebe ZHICHUN the most authentic milk candy, You will love it!ALP ZHICUN BAG